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Changes and more

It's been ages since I posted. So much has changed. Oh, I'm still on the grid and I'm still quirky. But my RL schedule prevented my continuing work with Prim Perfect Publications, much as I miss it. And, as you may suspect, it prevents things like musing on Second Life as much as I'd like.

However, I can't bring myself to give it up. It's a social circle that means enough to me that I light up when a friend name appears in the IM window. And, frankly, what better venue is there than Second Life (especially the Caledon community) if you like snappy chat.

I'm not fond of bloggers who post in order to figuratively stammer before they finally reveal that they had nothing particularly compelling to say, but they just felt like getting some air time. That means I either have to clear the airwaves or develop something to say.

So for this moment — over and out.

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