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A number of my friends are involved in exploring the opportunities for beefed-up education in Second Life. I'm interested in it too, mostly as it applies to models of interaction. I suspect that some of the earlier competence will be developed by universities, especially those with significant online offerings already.

I attended a web presentation presented by Capella University, an online degree-granting institution based in Minnesota, U.S. They have a good idea - short presentations on various topics via live web streaming. But the technology, as might be expected, has some holes.

To cut to the conclusion: when you are presenting something live online, do not neglect to have a phone line open as a back channel. You will save yourself a lot of distress and your viewers a lot of distraction.

Caveat presenter.

Last night's celebration marked the one year anniversary of the inaugural issue of Prim Perfect magazine. Not only has circulation gone from zero to over 10,000 in that time, it has been praised as highly professional publication with which many of the top content designers of Second Life are proud to be associated. I know the whole team is grateful for the ongoing support of all those who have contributed to making Prim Perfect such a success.

So, of course, there was a party. Music and event planning by Radio Riel provided a wonderful setting for so many to come and have great fun. Thanks to everyone.

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