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  1. You look in your closet for clothes that you've bought in SL.
  2. You've been late for something because you forgot driving takes more time than teleporting.
  3. A beautiful garden makes your fingers itch for the "About Land" option.
  4. You've had the impulse to right-click on someone's house.
  5. When you see an interesting building or geometrical shape, you start sketching out the prims in your head.
  6. When talking to someone about a beautiful sunset, you find yourself using the word "texture". (Extra credit if you also used the words "upload" or "download".)
  7. After a fun night on the dance ball, you believe you've actually exercised.
  8. At a meeting, before you check the nametag on someone's shoulder, you cast a quick glance above their head just in case.
  9. When someone of your acquaintance accidentally bumps into something, you inwardly snort and think "noob".
  10. You're annoyed that you can't always set the outdoors to "noon" so you can see better.


I've been guilty of a number of these, especially #5. Funny how SL and RL crossover.

March 8, 2008 at 7:01 AM  

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